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    Men’s Golf Stockings a Free Vintage Knitting Pattern

    If you’ve seen my latest kitting podcast then you’ll have seen my ‘Pheasant Golf Stockings’. These were intended to be part of a historical witch costume for Halloween (because of course witches have stripey socks) but I never got around to making the rest of the costume. Many viewers requested that I share the pattern for these socks and so here it is!

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    My Vintage Knitting Pattern Wishlist

    I am a huge lover of vintage knitting patterns. I am always on the look out in charity shops to see if I can snag an amazing vintage pattern, sometimes for as little as 10p!

    But sometimes the easiest place to find a specific pattern or style that you want is via Pinterest. In fact I have a whole board of vintage knitting patterns that’s how much I love them. But I can get a little bit overwhelmed and distracted by all the amazing patterns and of course I don’t have time to knit them all.

    So here is my vintage knitting pattern wish list. Hopefully this will give me some focus so I stop getting distracted and actually do some knitting!

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