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    I Made a … 1820s Dress for a Regency Little Dorrit Costume

    My 1820s Little Dorrit costume is complete! It’s actually been finished since February but as I was rushing to meet the Foundations Revealed competition deadline at the time I was too stressed to do a blog post.

    Since then I’ve made lots of videos about the making of process so I won’t go into too many details here. I’ll just talk a little about my final thoughts on the project.

    You can also read my other post about this project for the undergarments and the chemisette.

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  • Close up of the finished regency stays worn over a white linen shift
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    Hand Sewn Regency Stays – Relaxed Regency

    At the end of last year I went through a really tricky time with my health. I had to abandon all my current sewing and knitting projects as I was on strict bed rest and my brain was too fried to keep up with the complex fair isle knitting project I was then working on.

    However, I knew I still wanted to do some sort of sewing and so the idea for some historical sewing practice was born. This I could do from my bed with nothing more than a needle and thread.

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    Commissions Commissions – Edwardian Lady’s Maid


    I am so pleased that I am able to share with you another historical commission, this time for a Lady’s Maid from 1901. Most of my commissions start with a photograph or reference picture sent to me by the client. We then usually have a conversation which goes, like this but with short sleeves and in black, or something like this but not so fancy. I then do some research of my own, looking for historical references that I can base my designs off (this is why my costumes Pinerest board suddenly has a lot of servants on it). I then finalise my designs and send it back to the customer for approval before I get to work.

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    Comissions Comissions

    It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything here. When I started this blog I was determined to post every week no matter what but sometimes that’s not how life works out. I resolve to do better in the future, to find little moments to touch base and practice writing more.

    The reason I have been so behind with all my fun little side projects has been a sudden influx of historical costume commissions. Working freelance has it’s pros and cons and the unpredictable work flow is something I have always struggled with. I can go weeks without anything, which is when I come up with all these big ideas like starting a blog or become a vintage knitwear specialist. And then just as I think I won’t be able to pay my rent and am wondering whether it’s acceptable to eat beans on toast for every meal, work arrives. Hooray! And then more work arrives. Okay. And then even more. All at the same time.