• Environment

    On Practising What You Preach

    I hate to get all heavy on you all but let’s talk about the environment. As mentioned in my previous post, my commitment to secondhand clothing and sustainable fashion comes from my desire to make a difference and try and reverse the destruction of our planet. The images that I see of plastic choked oceans, starving polar bears and drought and famine across the world make me sick to my stomach. Sometimes, when I think about it too much, I am filled with this sense of despair that I am a part of this problem.

    “But what can I do about it? What difference can one person make?”

    True, no one person is going to remove all 5.25 trillion pieces of ocean plastic but I cannot simply turn a blind eye now that I know that scale of the world’s problems. I must do SOMETHING. I must live in line with my beliefs.