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Men’s Golf Stockings a Free Vintage Knitting Pattern

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If you’ve seen my latest kitting podcast then you’ll have seen my ‘Pheasant Golf Stockings’. These were intended to be part of a historical witch costume for Halloween (because of course witches have stripey socks) but I never got around to making the rest of the costume. Many viewers requested that I share the pattern for these socks and so here it is!

Free Knitting Pattern – Men’s Golf Stockings

The pattern came from this ‘Family Knitting Book’ by Viyella. My copy is missing the front cover and I’m not entirely sure when it’s from but it looks to be mid to late 30s from the illustrations.

Cover page of the vintage knitting pattern

The pattern I used is the pair on the far right. G – Men’s Golf Stockings. Although I notice in this illustration the turn over cuff is different to what is written. The picture shows just a ribbed turnover but the instructions have you work the textured pattern.

Illustration of socks

Below are the instructions. I used approximately 150g of West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in shade Pheasant* for my socks but I had to adjust the pattern to fit my shorter legs and smaller feet. 6oz is about 170g so I would recommend buying two skeins of sock yarn.

The binding on the booklet was too fragile to put in the scanner so I hope these photographs are clear enough for you. If you’re struggling to read the pictures, or use a screen reader, let me know and I can write the instructions out for you.


More Vintage Knitting!

I hope you enjoy knitting up this pattern, I know I did. I’d love to see your creations if you use these instructions. If you want to watch my podcast and see what else I have been knitting you can see it below:

And of course here are my finished golf stockings in action:

Finished Gold Stockings in stripes of red, orange, green and blue.

Happy New Year team and happy knitting! Claude xx