The Petersfield Sewing Bee

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This summer, the town where my parents live is hosting their own ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ style competition. If you haven’t seen the Sewing Bee, it is basically the Bake Off but for sewing. One of the plus sides to my convalescence in the countryside is my new found abundance of free time. And for me free time means sewing. So I’ve decided to enter.

If you still have no idea what I’m on about the idea is quite simple; contestants complete 3 different sewing related tasks, each designed to test a different area of dressmaking knowledge. And this premise has formed the basis for my local sewing shop’s competition.

There are some slight differences. In the Sewing Bee the contestants are allowed to use anything from the shows extensive haberdashery, unfortunately my local shop wasn’t so keen on giving out unlimited free fabric. Instead, you bought a kit for £20 with the challenge instructions and some basic materials inside. Also, the time pressures are a little different. My challenges have deadlines spaced over several weeks, not the couple of hours they have on the telly.

So what are the challenges? What did I get in my package?

The Sewing Bee Starter Kit

The Petersfield Sewing Bee - The Sewing Bee challenges - Retro Claude

Well, the challenges are loosely themed around the centenary of WW1. The first challenge is to make something from only 1 yard of fabric, and not even a continuous yard, 2 feet of poppy printed fabric and 1 foot of plain green. The second, like the TV show is an alteration challenge, in the spirit of wartime economy. Nothing was provided for this one; the idea was to alter something we already own. The final challenge is an embroidery challenge and for this we were given a metre (100cms for 100 years) of natural linen. And that was it.

So what am I going to make for all of these lovely challenges?

Well you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you 😊

Claude x