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My Vintage Knitting Plans for 2021

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If you’ve been following me online for a while, you know that I love to knit vintage knitting patterns. They can be a little trickier than modern knitting patterns but they are a great way to add an authentic vintage feel to an outfit.

Original vintage knits rarely survive in good condition. Moths love real wool and holes can lead to ladders and unraveling.

But if you know how to knit there are endless vintage knitting patterns available for free or for a few £$¥€ online. I even have a few available to buy in my Etsy shop.

I’ve spent most of the beginning of 2021 finishing off my Marie Wallin Yell cardigan. I got stuck at the point of cutting the steeks so I made a little video about it to hold myself accountable. But now that’s finished, it’s time to get down to some vintage knits.

My Vintage Knitting Plans

1950s Tailored Jacket

1950s Tailored Jacket Pattern

First of all I’ve already cast on for this tailored 1950s jacket*. I’ve got my own hard copy of this vintage pattern but it’s available from Pretty Old Patterns on Etsy. It’s knit in double knit which is a lot heavier than most vintage patterns and has really interesting raglan sleeve construction.

I’m knitting it in King Cole Touch of Merino DK*. I’ve made several things in the 4ply version of this yarn and I do really like it. It’s very affordable (part of the appeal) and is softer than other basic wool yarns. I went for the shade Oatmeal for the main colour and Graphite for the contrast cuffs.

1940s Rainbow Jumper

In my previous vintage knitting pattern wish list My Vintage Knitting Pattern Wishlist I mentioned this classic 1940s make do and mend jumper. I never actually got around to knitting it but I still really love the pattern and am desperate to make it.

There are so many wonderful examples of this pattern knitted up online and it’s even appeared in some Hollywood films! If you’d like to make your own version you can find the pattern for free here.

1940s Swimsuit

My good friend Gwen from Gwen’s Shenanigans on YouTube made a wonderful knitted vintage swimsuit last year and after seeing hers I knew I just had to make one.

1940s Sun Top and Trunks Knitting Pattern

The pattern I’ve settled on is this two piece number from the Stylecraft’s Teen Age Book*. Although as I have never had the figure of a teenager (even when I was a teen) I’m going to need to do rather a lot of pattern grading to make it fit.Style Craft Teenage Book

These 1940s swimsuit patterns are mostly made in wool! I think that sounds itchy so I’m going to make mine in cotton. I’ve had some of this 4ply MiaMilla cotton in my stash for a long time but this pattern needs two shades. So I bought some more in a different colour from Love Crafts. 

1950s Jacket Version 2

Jacket Pattern No. 487

One of my very first vintage knits was this 1950s jacket from a free pattern. I never ended up write a blog post about it but I love this jacket and wear it all the time.

However, after about 3 years of frequent wear it’s a bit past its best. I made it in a wool blend and it hasn’t lasted well. Besides, my style has changed the grey just doesn’t go with the many earth tones I now have in my wardrobe.

So I’m making a new version! This time in Drops Nepal Aran weight in the shade Forest. It’s a wool and alpaca blend so should be lovely and soft. I originally got my wool from The Knitting Network* but they don’t seem to stock it anymore. However, it is in stock at The Wool Warehouse.


Well, I think that’s plenty of knitting to be getting on with! I shall keep you updated as I finish my projects!


Claude x