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My Vintage Knitting Pattern Wishlist

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I am a huge lover of vintage knitting patterns. I am always on the look out in charity shops to see if I can snag an amazing vintage pattern, sometimes for as little as 10p!

But sometimes the easiest place to find a specific pattern or style that you want is via Pinterest. In fact I have a whole board of vintage knitting patterns that’s how much I love them. But I can get a little bit overwhelmed and distracted by all the amazing patterns and of course I don’t have time to knit them all.

So here is my vintage knitting pattern wish list. Hopefully this will give me some focus so I stop getting distracted and actually do some knitting!

This amazing 1930s cardigan from Subversive Femme available on Etsy*. Subversive Femme has an incredible collection of vintage knitting patterns and I basically want to make them all. The diagonal pattern of this cardigan is so perfectly art deco it’s going right to the top of my queue.

1930s Diagonal Stitched Cardigan with Bow Vintage Knitting Pattern

This classic 1940s rainbow jumper. Pattern available for free here. I mean are you even a vintage knitter if you don’t make one of these? I find the 1940s short sleeve jumper difficult to wear. Cardigan over it or just cold arms? So this one may have to wait until the spring.

The Vintage Pattern Files Free1940's Knitting Pattern - Womens Rainbow Jumper

The Willow Down Cardigan from Jack Frost Blouse Book vol 36 available on Etsy.* (The one on the left.) I love that it has got a chunkier texture than most vintage knits and it looks pretty easy to make those sleeves longer to avoid the cold arms scenario.

Vintage 1940s Knitting Pattern Booklet 1940s Jack Frost image 3

This 1940s twin set in smock stitch available on Etsy.* I already own the pattern for this because I simply couldn’t wait to start knitting when I saw it. My trouble now is choosing the right yarn to make it in. I guess twin sets also solve the cold fore arms problem!

Vintage 1940s Twin Set knitting Pattern Jumper cardigan PDF image 0

I also want to expand my love of sock knitting into stocking knitting with this amazing free pattern from Jacobite Rose. There are various designs within the pattern but these lacey ones are by far my favourite.

DIY: Beehive, 1940s Vintage, Lace Thigh-High Knit Stockings ---- #socks

And I also love the structure of this geometric 1930s design. It’s so simple but so effective. You can buy it here.

*Update Jan 2020* You can also find this pattern for free over at Free Vintage Knitting!

Vintage 1930s Knitted Modernist Sweater Vintage Pattern

I have made a few vintage style knits from modern patterns like this Joan Crawford Jumper and my Poison Grrls Rizzo Blouse but I really want to try and do more knitting from original patterns. This lot should be enough to keep me busy for the next year or so.

Now I just have to find the perfect yarn to match also these wonderful patterns! If you have any suggestions for 2ply or 3ply yarns that would make great vintage knits please let me know!

Claude x