Hand knitted gloves close up from Retro Claude

I Made a … Pair of Hand Knitted Gloves

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Hand knitted gloves are one of life’s little pleasures in my opinion. I’ve never had gloves fit my small hands properly but making them myself has solved this issue completely. Also being able to make them in something as soft and luxurious as the Rowan Fine Silk is a real treat for the hands. 

Just look at how thrilled I am to be wearing my new coat and my new gloves in this photograph. I can barely contain my excitement.

Grey hand knitted gloves with a lace design

The Pattern

The pattern I used was a free pattern from Ravelry called Ristid by Muraka Mari. I was drawn to it by the beautiful lace panel that decorates the back of the hands. Plus I find there are a lot of very stylish mitten and fingerless glove patterns out there but not many proper gloves. As my hands get very cold I knew I handed to make a proper pair of hand knitted gloves.

The Wool

The pattern called for a fingering weight yarn but I ended using a 2 ply. There is always a little confusion about American and British knitting terms and I have learnt not to trust the names so much as to go by the tension diagrams. The pattern called for 32 stitches per 10cms, the yarn I was using gave 34 stitches per 10cms. It was the closest I could find in my local wool shop so I went for it.

Just to be on the safe side I knitted a tension swatch first of all. I know! I did the thing you are supposed to do but nobody ever does. But actually guess what? It was well worth doing. I used slightly bigger needles than suggested by the yarn and everything was fine.

The Finished Gloves

Close up of hand knitted gloves

I had a few hiccoughs along the way in making these gloves. As with all lace patterns it took me a little while to get my head around it and my YOs and my K2Togs got a little muddle up. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed though.

I had also forgotten how tricky it can be to work with less than 20 stitches on DPNs. Knitting the fingers was a bit like wrestling a cactus. But I persevered and managed all 10 fingers in the end.

My only worry about these gloves are that they are quite short in the wrist. I would have liked them to be a little longer as you can see there is quite a lot of exposed wrist in these pictures.

But on the whole, I am quite happy with them. I don’t know why but for quite a long time I haven’t knitted anything as small as gloves. I have made some socks but mostly I have been crocheting blankets or knitting jumpers. This project was a great reminder of the satisfaction of smaller projects. The cost was much smaller too!

Are you are knitter? What’s your favourite thing to knit? Let me know in the comments.

All the best,

Claude x