Welcome to Retro Claude! My little home for all my insights into Vintage Life.

I’m Claudia, aka Claude, a costume maker and vintage lover who is obsessed with vintage and retro fashions. I love all eras, from the Renaissance to the New Romantics but my personal style sits firmly in a category I like to call 1940s Land Girl. Not only do I adore the classic 1940s look but I also admire the wartime spirit of Make Do and Mend.

My love of secondhand clothing originates from my beliefs as an environmentalist. The destruction of our planet and our throw away culture deeply saddens me. I believe that we as individuals need to embrace our responsibility as consumers and the impact that has on our planet. Now I know that sounds incredibly heavy and depressing, but this is why I have started Retro Claude, to prove that you can be a conscious consumer, look great and have fun.

For 3 years now I have bought almost exclusively second hand clothes. From charity shops to vintage fairs and good-old-fashioned hand me downs, I have fully embraced the slow fashion movement. I have also become a fan of making my own clothes. That way I know for certain the items I am wearing are ethically made with love.

I hope that Retro Claude will inspire you to embrace the ethical fashion movement and open your eyes to the amazing clothes that are already out there, just waiting to be found. Come along for the retro adventure.

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