I Made a … 1940s Crochet Hat, Again

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Back to crochet hats! After the success of my first 1940s crochet hat, I decided to try out another pattern. This one is more of a bonnet or Juliet style and had a large frill around the front.

Having learnt from my previous mistakes this hat went much smoother. However, when I came to the frill around the front I decided to make a few changes.

The frill was MASSIVE. The bulky nature of the yarn made it seem clumsy somehow. I don’t want a great big chunky ruffle around my face, I’ll look like a baby in a frilly bonnet. No thanks.

1940s Crochet Hat Another Pattern - Retro Claude
Look carefully in the mirror and you will see my high tech tripod set up of… an ironing board and a money box.

So I made a few artistic adjustments. I made the ruffle considerably shorter getting rid of two whole rows of double crochet. I then changed colour of yarn so that rather than a great big frill, I created more of a contrasting border.

As I get more confident with crochet I am hoping to try out a few different techniques. I think that a delicate lace edge would look great around the brim of this hat. But I’m going to do some more practising before I tackle that one.

What do you thing? I am quite pleased with my changes, I think the finished result is really sweet. Now all I have to do is wait for winter to come so that I can wear it. Do you prefer this to my previous 1940s hat?

1940s Crochet Hat Again - Retro Claude

I’d love to know what you think! If you like this hat you can also check out the other 1940s crochet hat I made here.

Find the pattern for yourself on my favourite vintage crochet website: Free Vintage Crochet.

Claude x